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a year ago

5 Secrets of Successful Real Estate Agents

They Have Local Knowledge 

You should know the neighborhood like the back of your hand. If you are new to an area, spend some time familiarizing yourself with the neighborhoods before you deal with clients. Know the local rules and regulations as well as the property values. 

Go the extra mile and find out other locations that present good real estate opportunities for your clients. It takes time to build local knowledge, but in the long run, it will help you build a successful business.  

They Have an Engaging Personality 

Real estate is a people-oriented business. However, not all real estate agents are pleasant to work with. Simply smiling and being friendly can score you a lot of points right away. Use this to your advantage and start building a network. Real estate, after all, is all about connections. 

But this is not to say that only extroverts alone are cut out for this business. Introverts also have an advantage for being naturally good listeners. 

Showing good work ethic will also make you more attractive. Arrive early at meetings, be courteous, empathize with your clients, and follow up on new connections. 

They Have Strong Negotiation Skills 

Across your real estate career, you will need to haggle over three major things: (1) the listing price, (2) the selling price, and (3) your commission. 

No one’s born great at negotiating. It is a learned skill. The more you study and practice, the more you become good at it and the better real estate agent you become. 

Start by setting your commission. If you can secure a good commission for yourself, you have the ability to negotiate on all other real estate matters. 

They Are Good at Communicating 

As a real estate agent, you will be spending a lot of your time speaking with people, so better hone your communication skills. 

Discuss all matters before a contract is drafted. Ask your clients questions or encourage them to ask. Listen to them attentively and take note of their preferences and concerns. Buying and selling a property, after all, is a very emotional event in a person’s life, so learn to empathize. 

Good communication skills will help you convince both parties to close a successful deal. 

They Have a Steely Determination 

Successful real estate agents act like a small business owner. As such, they have a high degree of self-motivation, drive, and smart decision-making. They take charge of their business and wake up every day determined to succeed. 

If you have a steely determination, you pursue every lead tenaciously, solve client problems strategically, market your clients’ properties aggressively, and negotiate a mutually benefitting solution for both parties. You do whatever is necessary to close the deal and get around roadblocks without loss of enthusiasm.



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